The HCCAA is involved in many activities through out the year, such as the annual lunch, the Meena Bazaar ,seminars, cultural programmes, fund-raising activities, relief works, donations, arranging scholarships for college students, hosting freshers’ receptions for new alumnae, publishing newsletters and so on.

Previously the Annual Lunch used to be held at different restaurants and the Eskaton Ladies Club, but for the past few years it is being held outdoors at the college premises, giving the alumnae the opportunity to have a glimpse of their dear Alma Mater along with its newly constructed extension building. The lunch is usually held in early or mid December. The publicity is mostly done through the college office, newspaper ads, postering, newsletters, personal contacts of the HCCAA board members etc. There is often a raffle draw after the lunch.

The Meena Bazaar is mostly held in January or February, though it could not be held in the past few years for various reasons. After some interval, the Meena Bazaar was a huge success when it was held on 29th February, 2008. The Meena Bazaar is open only for ladies, and boys up to 12 years. Those who are interested in setting up stalls contact the college office or the board members. The publicity is mostly done through posters, newspaper ads and through the students, teachers, and board members.

The HCCAA often holds seminars at the college premises for the college students, focusing on issues like health, legal matters, female empowerment, child trafficking and abuse, domestic violence etc. Noted speakers, who are also HCC alumnae, are contacted for the purpose.

The Association also holds fund raising activities which mainly includes musical soirees, film shows, the income from which go for charity. The association also tries to get involved in any charitable work whenever possible. It has donated money and clothing for the flood and cyclone effected people.

The Alumnae Association holds freshers’ reception for the new alumnae to welcome them to the association. Each year the students who pass out of the college become general members of the association when they deposit their caution money while coming to collect their mark sheets.

The HCCAA publishes three newsletters each year, one in the summer one in the winter. It mostly covers the Association’s activities, news about the alumnae and articles contributed by them, if available.

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