The Holy Cross College Alumnae Association contributes to the enhancement of education by offering scholarships in different categories.

  • The most important scholarship, SAMMA, is given in honor of Sister Augustine Marie, the Foundress Principal. This scholarship is given to students who are needy and put in effort in their studies.
  • Two other scholarships are awarded in the names of Zainul Abedin and Fazlur Rahman. These are sponsored by our alumna friend Ms. Nina Shaheen.
  • The former Vice President, Mrs. Ulfat Shahabuddin, has introduced another scholarship in the name of her parents, Mr. Wares and Mrs. Afruzi Wares. This is given to students with the best performance in the HSC Examination from the three departments: Humanities, Science and Business Studies.
  • Another scholarship for the meritorious students was introduced by the then Recording Secretary, Mrs. Farhana Ferdousi.
  • In 2015, Past President Mrs. Massarat Khan contributed Taka Two Lacs (Taka 2,00,000/-) for scholarships to be awarded in the name of her parents, Mr. K. Ali Afzal and Mrs. Syeeda Ali Afzal.

Every year, the HCCAA, in conjunction with the College, gives out quite a few scholarships. All these scholarships were and are funded by Holy Cross College alumnae.

Scholarships disbursed by the College are:

  1. F.A.M Scholarship
  2. Iftekharul Khorshedi Alam Scholarship
  3. Shahid Major Dr. Naimul Islam Scholarship
  4. Dastgir Scholarship
  5. Selina Abul Basher Scholarship
  6. Abdul Hady Talukdar Scholarship
  7. Batch of 1972 Scholarship
Disbursed by the Alumnae Association are:

  1. Fazlur Rahman Scholarship
  2. Zainal Abedin Scholarship
  3. Husneara Kamal Scholarship
  4. Sister Augustine Marie Scholarships for 3 girls.
In addition some alumnae also give individual scholarships in the occasion of the “Freshers’ Welcome”. This year 8 such scholarships were given out, 2 each by:-

  1. Sonia Kabir
  2. Tamara Rahman Ali
  3. Shaheda Mustafiz and
  4. Ulfat Ajmeeri Shahbuddin

In 2014, the HCCAA had some extra funds, therefore, we decided to give Taka 75,000/- extra to the College to disburse for scholarships. With this amount, they could give scholarships to 6 meritorious students.

The criteria for receiving any scholarship is the girl has to be meritorious and, to some extent, needy. The College also does not believe in giving anyone a full scholarship. They feel, the student should also contribute, thereby, giving them a sense of dignity and ownership. Therefore, the maximum scholarship a girl receives is half the monthly tuition fees for the entire academic year.

Sister Joseph Mary (Hoess) CSC Memorial Scholarships

As you all know, by now, Sister Joseph Mary left us in July 2015. We held a Memorial Program where we not only remembered her, but also celebrated her life. We also decided to give scholarships in Sister’s memory. We will give three scholarships – one each in the Humanities, Science and Business Studies groups.

For this purpose, we have just opened an FDR account of Taka Five Lacs (Taka 5,00,000/-) only. The interest generated from this, will sustain the scholarships.

We hope you now have an idea of some of the work, we, at the HCCAA carry out. Please contact us and give us your input.

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