Message From Our Adviser

Dear Alumnae,

Heartfelt greetings! What a wonderful opportunity of being connected with you through this message! It is our privilege to be able to share a common Vision and Mission as Holy Cross Women! Being all over the world you are actualizing your dreams and hopes.

Rabindranath Tagore says- “The Vision of life which we see in the world is a vision of joy. The joy is in ever flowing colour, music and dance… The lamp we light in the night has a wick which is small and oil which is very little. But there is no timidness in its tiny flame, burning as it is in the heart of an immense darkness; for the truth of the light which sustains it is infinite.”

A Holy Cross Woman has a Vision…
A Holy Cross Woman has a Mission ….

So, she believes and feels an urgency to move an Action …
She is Fearless.. she is Confident … she is a Dreamer.. she is a Mover and a Risk Taker..
She handles her own life and that of others with great dignity and care..
She is always ready to extend her heart and hands to embrace the whole of humanity and the world..
She knows her life is committed to bring forth light where there is darkness, hope to the hopeless and new life where there is no life!

So my dear alumnae, you know your Vision and Mission! So keep going … keep moving and keep searching for the truth and keep up the good spirit. Never forget, once you are a Holy Cross Girl, you are a Holy Cross Girl forever. I happily invite you – to come back to your second home, your Alma Mater- Holy Cross College!

May our loving Creator bless all of you and your good efforts!

Sister Shikha L Gomes, CSC
Holy Cross College

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