An alumnae association is not unique to any college or University. Any institution of higher learning can introduce a formal structure into its organization. When Holy Cross College opened its gates in November 01, 1950 to welcome the first students, it was with the hope that they would be appearing for the I.A. Examination of Dhaka University in 1952. And that dream was fulfilled. Soon ready for them was the first Constitution and By-Laws of Holy Cross College Alumnae Association (HCCAA), which presented them with the potential for a formal organization with the Principal of the college as the honorary president. It was also decided that the business office address of this association would henceforth be Holy Cross College, Tejgaon, Dhaka.

Slowly the enrolment in the college increased and B.A. was introduced – but so few. In the early ’50s, the alumnae did get together informally. The foundation was being laid; the inevitable bonds of student friendships linked to mutual love between teachers and students were there and grew stronger year by year. The political unrest, the language movement, the troubled ’60s, the closing of B.A., the war of liberation, and finally independence-Holy Cross College was steadily growing. By the time of its 25th Anniversary in 1975, the alumnae joined the students in a glorious celebration. It was at that moment the formal organization of HCCAA came into being. Since that time there has been operative a Board with a President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer and five more members.

The board meets once a month regularly, on the first Saturday of each month at the College premises. The objective of the meeting is to plan functions, just to "be together", to organize meena bazaars held almost annually in order to raise money for the SAAMA awards. Yes this is one very important contribution the alumnae Association has made. Ever since its inception the association has been able to fund the Sister Augustine Marie Memorial Award (SAMMA) to needy students. At present, the association gives out two more scholarships under the titles Zainul Abedin Scholarship and Fazlur Rahman Awards, thanks to our alumna friend Neena Shaheen, who donated the money. Another scholarship is awarded by our board members, Mrs. Ulfat Shahbuddin. This award is given to the meritorious students who excel in the HSC examination. The Association also organizes annual lunch, picnic and reception at which new members are warmly welcomed, publish newsletter at least twice a year, etc. When the college celebrated the Golden Jubilee in the year 2000, the Alumnae Association contributed tk 50,000 for the Sister Augustine Marie Memorial Plaque which stands at the entrance of the college. The association has been closely linked with the College and has been extending support to all the activities of the institution.

Holy Cross Alumnae Association has come a long way, but it has not been a smooth passage. There have been ups and downs along the way but somehow there have always been faithful and devoted alumnae who have contributed their time and energy to keep the association active. Why?- To be at the service of all the alumnae scattered all over Bangladesh and Asia, and yes, we might say, all over the world. The very recent get together held in New York in May 2007 proves the fact. The HCCAA extended its helpful hand towards the successful arrangement of the get-together by our alumnae friends overseas. Through this website, we invite all alumnae to become actively involved in the Holy Cross College Alumnae Association.

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