The HCCAA tries to give donations, if not on a regular basis, than when it feels the cause is so good, it requires it. These are the recent donations we have made:


The Sisters of the Holy Cross, on their own initiative had begun a Country Scholarship Fund, and we wanted to contribute to it. The HCCAA, therefore, gave them a donation of Taka two lacs (Taka 2,00,00/-) only.

The HCCAA supported two Rana Plaza victims……. Akhtari Begum and Seema Akhtar…… over two years by giving them Taka 4,000/- per month. The total amount distributed over two years thus came to Taka two lacs (Taka 2,00,000/-) only.


The College raised Taka one lac fifty thousand (Taka 1, 50,000/-) for the Nepal earthquake victims. We, at the HCCAA, had already promised to match the amount they had raised, so we also contributed Taka one lac fifty thousand (Taka 1,50,000/-) for the Nepal earthquake victims.

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